Our Story

"At Nocturnal Eats we strive to bring you delicious food delivered to your door in a quick and dependable manner. We pride ourselves on providing interesting fare and are delighted to serve our fellow community of night owls. Our food is inspired by tastes from a variety of regions, with a new age twist. We aim to be the go-to spot to call for food delivery late at night...extra late."

Dana Kippel

Founder, Co-Owner

Dana Kippel was raised outside of New York City and grew up around diners that were open late. She started watching the Food Network in 2003 and fell in love with Rachel Ray, Guy Fieri and Emeril Lagasee. Dana started working in the restaurant industry in her late teens and early twenties and learned a lot throughout that process. She quickly realized that focusing on customer service and treating your employees with respect are keys to success and plans to emulate that philosophy at Nocturnal Eats.

Ryan Nanni


Ryan Nanni was raised in New Jersey and moved to Florida as a teen. He traveled the United States for a good part of his life and draws inspiration from trying food in every region. Ryan has been involved in the competitive video gaming world for years, and spends many late nights on the computer. When Dana came to Ryan with the idea of a late night food delivery service, he was all in. Most of Ryan’s experience is in the cooking industry and he’s excited to provide excellent tasting food his fellow night owls.